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Src: MGM Law, Kelowna – Attorneys such as Robert Kalina, Murray Richman and Joseph Tacopina are the elite of the private criminal bar. They are internationally known criminal defense lawyers who often represent defendants for extremely large fees in highly publicized and celebrated cases. Attorneys such as these are comparatively few in number and do not typically defend the average criminal defendant. In addition to this narrow group of well-recognized criminal attorneys, some lawyers, injury attorney and law firms work as counselors for wealthy professional criminals such as drug dealers, bookies, pimps, and even large-scale burglars. These daring attorneys, however, represent only a minute portion of the private criminal bar.

The majority of criminal attorneys spend a considerable amount of time representing petty criminals for exceptionally small fees. These lawyers typically either work independently or are employed at very small law firms. They spend the majority of their time working in overcrowded and physically distasteful courts, dealing with individuals who have committed questionable acts. It is not the fancy life that most people envision when they think of criminal attorneys.

Furthermore, most of them are afforded very little respect by the public. The public tends to judge an attorney alongside his or her client. The reprehensible behavior of a few oftentimes leads the public to view sincere and proficient practitioners of law the same way they view the defendant. To make matters worse, nearly every large city harbors at least one suspicious set of dishonest lawyers. They take on extremely large caseloads, charge unnecessary fees, and try to win their cases by manipulating the system, rather than relying on genuine legal knowledge. Their low repute reflects strongly on all the good lawyers actually trying to do their jobs correctly.

Another dilemma with the private practice of criminal law is conflicts regarding fees. Many lawyers demand payment be made upfront. After receiving payment, they become focused on making it through trial as quickly as possible. Many lawyers will sell out their ╦ťguilty’ clients through bargaining so that they can move onto their next client. Otherwise, they may end up spending months in trial. Although they may eventually win the case, it is seen as a loss since the lengthy time spent will not be compensated by anything more than a thank you from their client.

The truth is that the average private criminal attorney lives a boring, tedious life in regards to their work. Nonetheless, people from all across the globe need lawyers. It is a challenging and difficult field, but you never know when you might become the next Johnny Cochran.